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Inground Pool

If I buy an inground pool kit online will you install it?

- No. We only install what we sell. We want to keep our builds consistent with quality and equipment, so we only install what we sell.

I need to replace my inground pool liner.  Do you replace them, how much does it cost and how quickly can I get it done?

- Yes, we do replace inground pool liners. The cost varies based on the size of your pool.

I have a leak somewhere in my inground pool, how much do you charge to find it and fix it?

- Leaks are a tricky thing.  Leak detection and repair can turn into a very costly scenario.  A pressure test can be performed to check for leaks in the plumbing.  Here is a video on finding and repairing your leak.

How much does it cost to have an inground pool built?

- Each build is custom based on the customer’s desires. Prices can vary greatly.

How far do you travel for installing inground pools?

- We currently travel about 30 miles outside of Poplar Bluff.

Do you open/close inground pools?

- Yes, we do open & close inground pools that are in our service area.

I need a sand change for my inground pool, is this something you do?

- Yes, we do sand changes on inground pools. If you are would like to do it yourself, there’s a great video here

Do you sell replacement parts for my inground pump/filter system?

- We do sell a variety of replacement parts for Pentair, Hayward, & Waterway equipment


Above Ground Pools

 Do you sell, install, or service above ground pools?

 - We do not sell, install or service inground pools. This would include the following:

open, close, cleaning, equipment repairs or replacement, sand change, liner replacement or leak detection.

Please check out these helpful videos for leak detections and sand changes : 

- Pool Leak Detection

- How to change the sand.


Do you sell replacement parts for my above ground pump/filter system?

- We do sell a variety of replacement parts for Pentair, Hayward, & Waterway equipment.  We also sell hoses, skimmers, skimmer baskets, eyeballs (jet), pumps and pump replacement parts for many above ground pools. 


Do you sell parts for Intex, Coleman or Summer Waves pools?

- We do not sell parts specifically for these brands. They are proprietary brands that you will have to buy directly from the manufacturer or check with Wal-Mart or Amazon.


Spa/Hot Tub

Do you sell hot tubs?

- Yes, we sell Northern Bay hot tubs.

Do you service hot tubs?

- We only perform service work on the brand(s) we sell.

Do you sell spa parts?

- We do stock some parts for spas.  We stock many variations of cartridge filters.  Some spa components are universal and we typically stock those.  Spa pumps are not stocked but can often times be here in 2-3 days from date of purchase.  When looking for spa parts it is helpful to have the following information: spa brand, year built, model number and serial number.  


Do you sell spa chemicals?

- Yes, we do sell spa chemicals. Currently we stock options for Bromine and Chlorine.


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